AxCel Technology delivers results.

We deliver cutting edge, multi-layered cyber security solutions with advanced

protection and automated workflow. You deserve security with privileged monitoring and detailed reporting.

We offer customized packages that are both cost effective and designed specifically to meet your business security needs. 

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Security you can trust.

Experts agree that 2018 has been the worst year for IT security breaches, and 2019 is expected to be far worse. Most businesses don’t even know they are vulnerable. Wouldn’t you like to know that your company is safe?

Our Advanced Products and Solutions

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Compliance Security

Keep your business and it’s clients information safe. Don’t risk civil fines or prosecution in criminal court. We make it easy to ensure your business is compliant with HIPAA rules and avoid the legal ramifications of non-compliance.


Password Protection

Passwords are undoubtedly essential to security, but they are not the only method that can or should be used to protect one's computers, devices, and privileged account information. We offer you the best and most cutting edge solutions.


Email Continuity

Email outages are inevitable. Reduce your recovery time to almost zero, without the expense, complexity, hardware or software of traditional on-premises solutions for email continuity. .

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Risk Management

Minimizes privileged credential risk, limit user privileges and control applications on endpoints and servers. Protect your organization against cyber-attacks that use privileged accounts and privilege escalation to strike at the core of the enterprise.